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        2. 2019 Adobe MAX - Astute Graphics are coming!

          4 minute read

          It’s that time of year again for the big releases of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps and as usual, it’ll all be happening at the annual flagship Adobe conference, Adobe MAX, from November 4-6th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Approximately 15,000+ creatives will attend the show to find out what new features are coming to add more creative functionality to the tools that have become the industry standard over the past 30 years. Many apps have impressive updates, sometimes new products are announced and showcased - even sneak peeks of future technology that Adobe are working on are shown. It really is the Adobe Mothership if you like that kind of thing.

          For the 4th year running, Astute Graphics will be represented by founder, Nicholas van der Walle (read his view of MAX here) and me, Training (and Community) Manager, Dave Clayton.

          As a third party supplier of plugins for a key Adobe product, Adobe Illustrator, something we’ve provided for the past 13 years, this event is a key one for us to catch up with the Adobe engineers, creatives, designers, instructors and exhibitors. Adobe Max is such a creative space it’s really good for us to get feedback from our users and corporate clients from Adidas to Aaron Draplin to the thousands of attendees who rely on our tools to give Illustrator the creative functionality they need. We develop our tools based on demand from professionals across the creative world, worldwide and what better time to connect and find out how our tools are used and what we can add to our Annual Service Plan, the ability to have every single one of our plugins including free support, updates, upgrades, new plugins and resources.

          We review each year to see how our tools have been used in the creative domain, constantly adding more and more designers and corporate customers to our user base. We get to see some incredible work and seeing how far creatives can push our plugins. This year is no exception, just looking through the speaker line up and exhibitor list, it’s great to see an ever-growing list of people who we can proudly call customers.

          It’s always great to catch up with such influential designers as Aaron Draplin, Rob Generette, Tad Carpenter, Dan Stiles, Hoodzpah, Tony Harmer, Mark Heaps plus corporate friends such as Adidas, Fontself, Extensis, Moleskine, Hoefler & Co and many more. Designers Nick and myself will be attending sessions, meeting with clients and friends and generally roaming around checking out what’s going on. We don’t have a booth but we are supporting Fontself this year by way of a collaborative video training series with lettering artist, Will Paterson. There will also be a 20% off code for the Fontself app - watch out for our social media channels for more news of that nearer the Adobe MAX dates.

          If you haven’t been to MAX we really recommend the investment, it’s an event that continues to grow each year and it’s the place to get your ear to the ground and find out what’s been going on and what’s coming in the future. If you see Nick or Dave (most likely in some kind of branded clothing) then please come and say hello - we might even give you some sneak peeks ourselves!

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