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        2. Astute Graphics at Adobe Max 2018

          3 minute read

          It's been another solid year for us here at Astute Graphics. We spent a bit more time on the road in 2018 attending Creative South, Creative Pro and Adobe Max conferences in the USA. One of the big components of travelling to shows like these is to meet and talk to the Illustrator and Design communities, getting feedback and understanding different requirements from different parts of the design and creative industries.

          These conversations and the growth and development of alternative software such as Adobe XD, Sketch, InVision and Figma to name a few, made us realise that our technology can be put to use outside of Illustrator. Over the past few years our AG Tech has been developed constantly by our team of engineers led by our owner, Nicholas van der Walle. It was during 2018 that we developed a whole new product and division of Astute Graphics called Astui.

          As we have a very strong relationship with Adobe, we quickly identified XD as a potential benefactor for using our technology. We attended a workshop at Adobe HQ and the first web API-based Astui was born. This was one of the quickest products we have put to market and it has been accepted really well by the XD community.

          If you were able to see the Adobe Max 2018 Keynote you will have seen the new direction that XD is moving and we are proud to be included in the first batch of 3rd party plugins for Adobe XD. It was an amazing achievement for us to see our logo up on screen at Adobe Max, although rather funny that after 12 years of producing Illustrator plugins, our finest Max moment so far is for XD!

          Go to 58 minutes to see the announcement

          Both Nick and myself (Dave Clayton) attended Max in LA, but leading up to that week we got to spend some time in San Francisco and Portland, speaking to other companies about how our technology and plugins can help them. We got to meet up with Adobe, Aaron Draplin, Dan Stiles, Nemo Design, Lincoln Design Co and some others we can't mention just yet, but it was very educational and encouraging from a business and idea standpoint. We ended the week with a free live demo of our new tech at the Wacom Experience Center in Portland.

          Adobe Max itself was a great way for us to network with similar and complimentary businesses, with some great discussions already progressing with some companies we couldn't have thought of working with a year ago. Max itself is a vast event, 14,000 attendees over 3 days, packed with sessions, keynotes, break out events and entertainment. It's an investment in your career to be there, but worth a visit also. It will be held in LA again next year and we aim to be back at Adobe Max for 2019.

          We will be working hard on some great new features and enhancements here at Astute Graphics over the coming months, and are always open to new ideas and collaborations from designer to corporate level.

          Thank you for being an Astute Graphics customer, and if you aren't yet…..what are you waiting for? ??

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