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        2. DynamicSketch DynamicSketch

          Intuitive vector sketching

          • Natural, easier drawing tool box
          • Ideal for stylus devices e.g. Wacom, Surface Pro and macOS Sidecar
          • Personalized preference settings
          • Sketching with strokes and brushes
          • Edit, extend and intelligent join

          Keep your licenses.

          Get it all now. Only $119 ?
          + VAT where applicable

          Sketching with strokes and brushes

          Make immediate use of Illustrator’s brushes! Plus we’ve now introduced a real time 'live preview stroke widths' preference which now shows a preview of the width of the sketch path as it is being drawn.

          Sketching with strokes and brushes in Adobe Illustrator

          Pulled cursor

          The Pulled cursor helps you draw smooth, elegant lines and sharp, accurate corners with your mouse, trackpad or tablet. With the new string feature you can create perfect curves, even without a steady hand. It also allows you to apply maximum pressure at the start of a path.

          Pulled cursor helps you draw smooth lines in Illustrator


          Make use of your Wacom, Surface Pro and any other tablets with DynamicSketch in Illustrator. Trim paths by using the eraser end of a tablet stylus. Draw easily by intuitively removing unwanted parts of a path. This takes just one strike of your mouse or pen. It's as easy as pen to paper!

          Trim excess lines with one click

          How you can get started

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          Intuitive Vector Sketching

          DynamicSketch is a plugin that seamlessly integrates into Adobe Illustrator.

          Forget jumping back and forth when sketching – DynamicSketch gives you improved intuitive control by taking the best elements of the native Pencil Tool, Shaper Tool, Join Tool, Paintbrush Tool, Width Tool and Blob Brush Tool. DynamicSketch unifies them into a natural, easier drawing tool box. We’ve listened to your feedback and improved it to include lots of new features all listed below, including a personalised settings preferences dialog which now includes a Settings Manager for saving and loading settings files.

          Keep your licenses. Only $119 ?
          + VAT where applicable
          The toon planet portfolio illustration

          DynamicSketch technical specifications


          • Sketch with uniform and variable width strokes
          • Sketch using mouse, trackpad, Wacom, Surface Pro and other devices
          • Apply brushes to strokes
          • User-defined pulled cursor "string" length
          • Sketch real-time preview including pressure/speed stroke width
          • Dynamic results allow for accuracy and smoothness adjustments post-creation
          • Edit or continue dynamic or static paths
          • Repeat Sketch mode
          • Intelligent join
          • Quick gesture and Shift-key path trim methods
          • Trim paths using Wacom and Surface Pro stylus eraser
          • Automatically add strokes and/or remove fills (optional)
          • Extended customisation through preferences
          • Store and recall user-defined preferences
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