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        2. Stylism Stylism

          Live effects made easy

          • Live Block Shadow Tool
          • Live & interactive Multiple Offset Tool
          • Click-and-drag functionality live effects
          • Live preview adjustments

          Keep your licenses.

          Get it all now. Only $119 ?
          + VAT where applicable

          UPDATED Block Shadow

          Make a BIG impact with live block (long) shadows! Click-and-drag to apply to any object including editable text, vector art and groups. Use the Scale and Gap options for extra creativity. Now with added options including transparency, common vanishing point and more!

          UPDATED Multi Offset

          Delve into creative possibilities with the live & interactive multiple offset tool. Easily control all effects including number of offsets, final offset fill/stroke color, opacity and more. Now with added direct live text support!.

          Intuitive control for effects

          Grab control of the essential, native Illustrator live effects including Drop Shadows, Feather and Blur with intuitive new on-screen controls. Set levels of blur, offset, number of repeats and many other values with simple and intuitive click-and-drags.

          How you can get started

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          Since March we have been running a weekly webinar, alternating between... Read more ?

          Stylism v2.3 - What's new?

          First, we brought you AG Offset for Stylism, a fully live and... Read more ?

          Create a Skyscape with Stylism v2.3 AG Block Shadow's Vanishing Point

          In this tutorial for the Stylism v2.3 update, we are going to make a... Read more ?

          Click-and-drag live effects 

          Access live effects through an intuitive interface allowing you to break away from Illustrator’s numerical control which can be tedious. Simply open the Stylism Panel, select your chosen effect then just click-and-drag and view the live adjustment in realtime. The power of the plugin lies within with the simple ability to adjust artwork visually allowing you to explore new ideas whilst retaining ultimate control.

          Keep your licenses. Only $119 ?
          + VAT where applicable
          Stylism by Sean Ferguson

          Stylism technical specifications

          AG Block Shadow Tool

          • Interactive tool with live block (long) shadow preview
          • Works on all art including text (maintain edit-ability), vectors, groups and targeted layers
          • Precise shadow angle and distance control
          • Set shadow fill color
          • Scale option to simulate vanishing point
          • Gap option for added creativity
          • Automatically shadow stroke style (weight, dashes, brush and profile)
          • Can be applied to object, stroke or fill via Appearance panel
          • True and clean vector shadow shape result
          • Detach to access editable result
          • Control all attributes with keypresses (works with AstuteBuddy)
          • Preferences to customize the way you work with the tool
          • Works with other native and Astute Graphics live Effects
          • Easily apply shadow Effect to other objects with Eyedropper Tool or Graphic Styles
          • Specify a level of transparency and blending mode
          • Adopt the fill of the object for its color, allowing shadows to have patterns and gradients
          • Set to have a fixed vanishing point. By default, multiple live block shadows effects can maintain a common vanishing point to ensure a consistent visual effect
          • When applied to a specific fill, can replace the fill rather than adding to it as normal

          AG Offset Tool

          • Interactive tool with live offset preview
          • Add multiple offsets in one Effect
          • Uniform, accelerated and random offset distance options
          • Set final offset stroke color and weight, fill color and opacity
          • Define corner type (Miter, Round, Bevel)
          • Position offset(s) above or below and maintain original object
          • True offsets for open paths
          • Works on all all paths and live text
          • Control all attributes with keypresses (works with AstuteBuddy)
          • Expand to become fully editable vector paths
          • Works with other native and Astute Graphics live Effects
          • Easily apply AG Offset Effect to other objects with Eyedropper Tool or Graphic Styles
          • Can now be applied directly to editable text and optionally treat groups as if they were compound shapes. No need for additional steps to "trick" Illustrator!
          • Forced to have a stroke or a fill, regardless of whether the base path has one
          • Plus other smaller changes led by customer feedback following previous releases

          Stylism Tool

          • Control native live effects instinctively
          • Native Adobe Illustrator live effects supported:
            • Drop Shadow
            • Feather
            • Inner Glow
            • Outer Glow
            • Transform
            • Free Distort
            • Offset
            • Blur
          • Quick control of effect resolution
          • 4 user-defined styles stored between sessions
          • 4 user-defined contours stored between sessions
          • Optional automatic resolution reduction for more responsive editing
          • All standard effects remain editable on computers without Stylism
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