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        2. VectorScribe VectorScribe

          Editing, shapes, corners + measure

          • Dynamic Shapes Tool
          • Dynamic Corners Tool
          • Smart point removal brush
          • Extend paths and reposition points
          • Path editing and the clockwork method

          Keep your licenses.

          Get it all now. Only $119 ?
          + VAT where applicable

          Point removal

          Effortlessly reduce file size and make artwork easier to edit by removing excess points, using our three dedicated tools. Either let the Smart Removal Brush automatically remove points with a pressure sensitive brush action, or use the PathScribe panel to Smart Remove Selected Points or Remove Duplicate Points. Both intelligently remove points with one press of a button whilst working hard to maintain the path shape.

          Smart point removal brush

          Extend paths / Reposition points

          Highly requested from designers, the Reposition Point Tool allows you to slide a point along a path whilst working to maintain the path shape, with annotations to show you the optimal clockwork point placement. Another favorite particularly with typographers, fashion designers and technical illustrators is the Extend Path Tool, which allows designers to extend or trim paths to exact lengths or intersections.These stand alone tools both work in the same way, simply click-and-drag your chosen point.

          Extend path tool

          Create & edit shapes

          Use one tool to create a wide range of shapes from squares, gears to hearts. Enter specific values into the Dynamic Shapes panel or simply click-and-drag the shape annotations to edit segments and sides, true shape origin, height, width and diameter, corner radius and slice angles.

          Compatible with text areas, clipping masks, within Live Paint artwork and can have live effects applied to them whilst remaining dynamic. One press of a button converts all basic geometric shapes to/from dynamic.

          Dynamic shapes in Illustrator

          How you can get started

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          Our most popular plugin

          Essential in many areas of design including branding, animation, print, web, fashion, font creation and cartography to ensure the highest possible quality.

          VectorScribe is a plugin that seamlessly integrates into Adobe Illustrator. Made up of a diverse range of our most useful tools it holds the record as our most popular plugin.

          Think of it like a vector Swiss army knife that helps you edit vectors, create shapes, corners and measurements.

          Keep your licenses. Only $119 ?
          + VAT where applicable
          VectorScribe - editing shapes

          VectorScribe technical specifications

          Reposition Point Tool

          • Move any selected point(s) along path to reposition
          • Snap to Tangencies (with override option)
          • Preview of potential path distortion
          • Add or Smart Remove points direct in tool
          • Marquee-select point(s)


          • Improved panel access:
            • Move selected Points to Tangencies
            • Add points to selected segments providing full control and options
            • Reverse path direction
            • Redundant Point control
            • Smart Smooth points
          • Ghost Handles for quick and easy change from straight to curved segments
          • Smart Smooth for automatically changing points to smooth status
          • Drag any line or curve segment intuitively
          • Smart remove selected points retaining the shape where possible
          • Connector points – lock curve handle angles to joining straight segments
          • Single-click conversion of single curve segments to straight lines
          • Highlight, automatically or manually remove redundant points
          • Easy selection/display of all points/handles
          • Manipulate curve segment handles simultaneously
          • Split all selected segments simultaneously
          • Close path with option to keep end handles
          • Extensive customisation through preferences
          • Automatically display PathScribe Panel for first time tool use
          • Additional PathScribe Panel configuration allowing user to show/hide additional v3 button row, numeric point/handle controls, Path Control area

          Dynamic Shapes

          • Create and detect standard shapes interactively
          • Dynamic geometric shape types: Square / Circle / Rectangle / Ellipse / Polygon / Star / Donut
          • Dynamic creative shape types: Arrow / Cloud / Crescent / Cross / Gear / Heart / Speech Bubble
          • Convert non-dynamic geometric shapes into dynamic interactively, by selection or all artwork
          • Easy editing of rectangles by click-dragging edges
          • Rounded corners / chamfers may be applied at each corner or individually
          • Each shape may be open or closed slices providing arcs and further shapes
          • Set transformation origin using 9-block defaults or arbitrarily
          • Expansion of shapes not required for editing outside tool
          • Interactive and numeric control
          • Dynamic shapes can also be used for text areas, image clipping masks, Live Paint, etc.
          • "Select > Dynamic Shape" menu selection method

          Dynamic Corners

          • Apply and detect corners interactively to any path or shape
          • Corner types: Rounded / Negative rounded / Chamfer
          • Methods: True (accurate radius) / Standard (Adobe method)
          • Apply to straight and curve (Bézier) path segments
          • Apply to one or more points simultaneously
          • Convert non-dynamic rounded corners into dynamic interactively, by selection or all artwork
          • Convert Adobe's round corner live effect to Dynamic
          • Select similar radius corners
          • Expansion of corners not required for editing outside tool

          Smart Remove Brush Tool

          • Interactively smart remove excessive points in selected paths
          • Variable brush size
          • Pressure-sensitive control with a graphic tablet
          • Tolerance level to automate process
          • Protect selected points

          Extend Path Tool

          • Quickly and interactively extend or trim any path
          • Bezier curve extension methods: Single, Constant Radius, Straight, Spiral
          • Reverse curvature of constant radius extension
          • Snap to intersecting path on extend and trim
          • Constrain length by multiples (total path length or change in length)
          • Display lengths whilst editing (absolute or percentage)

          Dynamic Measure

          • Hover measure closed path area
          • Measure anywhere on your artwork
          • Toggle following information: distance/ angle/ change in horizontal/vertical distance/ distance along path
          • Scaling factor
          • Units of measurement
          • Hover-measure information including: distance along path/ tangent angles/ radius of curve at any point
          • Draw curve normals
          • Extensive customisation through preferences
          • Use standard Illustrator arrow-heads instead of fixed
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