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        2. Support

          Astute Manager roadmap

          2 minute read • Last updated 2019-10-11

          We're going places with Astute Manager. Here's a small glimpse into what's to come…

          Development started – April 2017

          In 12+ years, it's been our largest single investment for the plugin eco system!

          Windows support – June 2019

          The Astute Manager was designed from the ground-up to support both macOS and Windows. We've released macOS first but the Windows version will also be available June 2019. We need to stagger the release to ensure we can support any issues for this brand new software.

          Cater for the new Annual Service Plan

          A breaking change - with the changeover from sales of stand-alone products to a new Annual Service Plan where every Astute Graphics plugin is licensed, the Astute Manager's behaviour changes. Trial activation and installation is now for all products. It'll remain possible to deactivate and individually uninstall.

          Optional notifications of updates

          Display a small red dot in the tray icon (Windows) or task menu (macOS) when an update is available.

          One of the best things about the Astute Manager is its power to keep you updated in a click. Notifications are a logical extension of this so that you don't miss anything. Naturally, they will be optional.

          In-app training

          To follow shortly after the Astute Manager full release, we'll be publishing three major new workflow-based courses based on our plugins for Illustrator. Joining 100's of existing videos and 100's more written tutorials, we want to put this critical material conveniently in-front of you. Future updates of the Astute Manager will let that happen!

          Delivery of third-party plugins and extensions

          This is perhaps the "Big One"… building the plugin and extension eco system. Astute Graphics is the leading developer of plugins for Adobe Illustrator, and in reality, Adobe software as a whole.

          It's taken a huge investment to build this custom, ground-up, secure and expandable software portal that caters for types of software Apple and Google stores simply don't. It's a relatively niche market, but a vital one to professionals.

          Allowing the Astute Manager to deploy and manage software in the likes of Photoshop, After Effects, Corel Draw, Audition, etc. is an amazing prospect!

          We've already been discreetly gathering solid interest from other developers. If you want to be one of them, please get in touch.


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